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Bears' Lake

Early morning in Tofalaria. We have a salty breakfast as only here you can have. Proteins of fresh fish we catch and vegetables in a Siberian recipe that you will miss one day. Today we will walk up mountains searching the Kinzelyuk Waterfalls. Probably the second on Asia. We need to see them.

The path of wild life that we follow goes up to the South up to the valley. The forest is more and more thinned and large fields open in front of us. We start to follow a ridge and the lake at our back becomes smaller and smaller.


One expert Ranger is with us. A rifle for any eventuality is hanged on his shoulder. We go up and up and we arrive to the top of a plateau. The panorama is amazing. Around us only mountains, forests, creeks and stones of any color.

We walk for about four hours and the pass small block of ice never melt, climb some stones but the path becomes easy and very panoramic. Suddenly we see in front of us, on the other side of a green valley the Kinzelyuk Waterfall.

Wonderful hidden jewel  ! The water falls from a upper lake closed in a rocky basin on three sides to a lower lake hidden in the forest. Nearly 350 meters of fresh water falling at 30 degrees with high speed. What a show !

We make our camp on the field to have a short break. We are alone in such a wonderful place totally untouched by mankind. The wind is slow and warm even if we are at the end of September and the sun still high in the sky coming from West at the back of the waterfalls giving a lighting very suggestive.

We dream to come next time with the tent and spend the night at the bottom of the waterfall waiting for the sunrise from East. Must be a different show. We will do it one day.

…..To be continued…..