I had the chance to meet Ekaterina in 2015 because we were in business together for the hospitality of the Russian delegation to Expo in Milan. In October of the same year we met one day in a nice café and she showed to me some stunning pictures and videos about her trips in Siberia and I got really amazed for such a beauty.

I told immediately to Ekaterina that I would like to enjoy with her to promote such unknown and amazing destinations and from that moment we started together the great adventure sustaining any day each other.

Ekaterina had already brought many travelers in Siberia but all of them were Russians. We needed to get know, we can say to the whole world,  about destinations as Putorana Plateau, Altai Mountains, Kamchatka and the area of Bajkal and its Natural Parks.

In our trips we met many people that are Russian lovers and with them we share the same interest to know Nature, History and People of Siberia.

But the best surprise in that places was the great warm hospitality of the people. They live in such a tough nature for most of the year but they have so much in their hearts that can heat so much the cold times.

We started then to work on this web channel to collect, in a nice and visible place, all the histories and experiences coming from all our travelers and friends.

I want to thank Ekaterina for the opportunity given to me to know her passion in such a hard but amazing and unique profession and the chance to share her positivity to afford any single day  !

A big thank also to Vadim, the business partner of Ekaterina, that supports us any day on this incredible adventure.


Roberto Canedoli

Business Development Russia Trekking

Picture: A great sunny day in Listvianka on Bajkal Lake