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Altai Mountains that means Golden Mountains is a mountain region between Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. At east touches the region of Sayan Mountains and the Gobi Desert at the south. The average elevation of Altai is about 1.500/1.750 m and the highest peak reaches the 4.506 meters.

The climate of the region has not really changed since the last glaciation and the fauna it is mostly the same except for the extinct  mammoths.

A quite remarkable fact of Altai area is that a specific local hominid branch, the Denisovan, lived contemporarily about 40.000 years ago with the Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthal branches.

About 20 years ago the russian archeologist Natalia Polosmak discovered in the permafrost of Ukok plateau somthing extraordinary. A mummy perfectly preserved of about 2500 years ago in a burial site. The princess was sourronded by six horses completely saddled and caparisoned in addition to other several objects.Pazyryk people, described by Erodhotus in the IV century BC, is a misterious population of which there are not anymore residual tracks in the actual local inhabitants. A particularity of the Princess was the fact to have sophisticated tatoos all over her body as the two warriors buried in the same place.

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